Feb. 5th- The TIlted Stilts next show @ The Capital City Collective – 215 Washington st. Olympia, WA

The Phuture of Z-Kamp has arrived. The Myans were most likely talking about Z-Kamp changing the world in 2013.

This is funny like a joke but also as serious as the end of your life.

Z-Kamp is now many bands….. As of now there is officially 3. I will explain more in a minute.


There is a Pre Art Show featuring works created by Pizza T and other local artists at the same venue as the show.

Before I explain the craziness surrounding Z-Kamp Nationalz II please let me announce the Venue, Time and Current Line Up

Live at
The Capital City Collective
215 Washington st. Olympia, WA

Tuesday February 5th
Pizza T art show starts around 3pm and music starts around 8 o’ clock.


Pizza T
with guest appearance by “The Singing Mechanic”

featuring Rad of Twice Baked

featuring Crazy Coop from the album “Crazy Coop and the Z kamp Express” 2007

Tilted Stilts

The Hinges
featuring Danny featuring of Z-Kamp circa 2010-2012

Micheal T Mercker of A-Kamp circa 2000-2005 and Z-Kamp circa 2006-2012

10 DOLLARS – and is 18 and older only –

About the show.

The band Z-Kamp started as Pizza T’s Z-Kamp experience in 2006. It really started before that when it was Pizza T’s Grateful Dead, Phish, Bob Dylan Tribute Band. But you could say it started even more before. Like always has been forever.

There was an A-Camp, then a Z-Camp, then an A-Kamp then there was that moment in time. What am I doing, what are we doing, what can we do? The intentions of Z-Kamp in my mind was to have a way to survive as a human species. It seems all living organisms strive to survive. We too. Some say we are killing ourselves. But maybe we are or maybe we are not? Doesn’t matter because an Asteroid could hit our planet right? Well it is almost certain that if we take our instincts to survive and and mix it with our knowledge of future global changes like climate change then we would find a way to live in these new environmental changes. What if we had to leave this planet? Maybe not us but what if our distant relatives in the future did? What could save us from almost certain extinction? For example, what if we did eventually destroy the planet and the temperature becomes 200 degrees on average? We could use science and technology to possibly survive. But what good is that to the founders of Z-Kamp when we are not experts in science or technology? Well, a band is what we know and we know bands bring people together, big groups of people can bring in like minded people like scientists and technicians and engineers…. but we also need people to work on other things like making the food for the scientists to eat, people to help watch and teach the children, we need people to make the clothes… It all just really turned back into what we have now…. in the world….. right? We all have roles? and I sound stupid? no, not really at all. It’s actually the opposite. See what if Wall Mart Kings and billionaires know what we know? They can doomsday prep like crazy. But it’s not really doomsday prepping to us, it’s just being aware that the future of our planet will eventually change, and if we are here we will need to adapt. Sometimes we might need to flee the planet for a little while and we might eventually forever.
Z-Kamp knew change was infinite and even Z Kamp will change, and thats when we came up with Pizza T’s Z-Kamp experience. And that too was allowed to change. The name became many but always branding the word Z-Kamp….. unless the venue spelled our name wrong of course.
A team of fellows joined together and set out on a mission that the band could save our species and hopefully everything. We took on the motto “Help us Help You help Us Help Everything”
We made songs about things that could help us survive like Sustainuhdomez and songs about remembering love. Community was always key. No community means No Saving our Species. We will have to work together. See we will start from scratch. We will build our own things. We will live as our own entity on the planet earth yet join the communities with our philosophies and rituals.
You have to work with what you got sometimes too.

Sustsainuhdomez is one of the many elements of Z-Kamp.

More information and art will be displayed at the Pre Art show. One of the Z-Kamp bands will be playing the song Sustainuhdomez which is a story about one man’s realization of the Sustainuhdomez.